Stenographer Owned and Operated

Wavtext was one of the first digital court reporting systems on the market. The company is owned and operated by Tommy Runfola, a former speed champion and past president of the National Court Reporters Association. Being one the best in his field, Mr. Runfola has a passion for creating a verbatim record. It’s this driving force that was the impetus for many of the features built into Wavtext.

Working With Stenographers

There’s a common misconception that digital court reporting is aimed at taking the jobs of stenographers, but at Wavtext, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Wavtext system and the suggested business model relies on stenographers to create the transcript. Why? Because stenographers are still the fastest and most efficient way to create a written record.

Why Not Just Send Stenographers?

Stenographers are a court reporting company’s lifeblood. Without them, creating a transcript would be a slow and painful process. At Wavtext, we believe in keeping stenographers doing what they do best, writing.
Unfortunately, court reporting schools have not been able to keep up with the high demand for court reporters. Wavtext was developed to alleviate that problem by better utilizing your people.
With Wavtext you’ll save time and resources by eliminating drive time and dispatching stenographers to depositions that might not order a transcript. Wavtext improves the efficiency of the court reporting business by creating high quality recordings of legal proceedings and allowing stenographers to work from home.

Why Wavtext?


It’s no secret that the court reporting industry is struggling to find qualified stenographers. Wavtext lets you better utilize stenographers by letting them do what they do best, transcribe.


Losing your audio is a digital court reporter’s worst nightmare. That’s why Wavtext has built in confidence monitoring and dual location recording. It’s like backups for your backups.


One great benefit of digital court reporting, in lieu of stenography, is the fact that your transcribers can work from home. At home workers save travel costs like fuel and wear and tear on their vehicles. They also really like working in their PJs. Leverage the benefits of at-home labor to save your company money!